Bad Blood

The Sins of a Father, The Revenge of a Son

Joe and Sean; boyhood pals so in awe of the London gangsters who have recently infested the post war streets of their bomb ravaged neighbourhood.

Yet they are unaware that their own fathers – the two men they hate most in all the world – are in league with these vicious criminals from the East End.

Upon this devastating realisation, they know only the violence of action will protect the ones they love from the brutal men who have blighted their lives for so long.

So at fourteen, they swear an oath to be blood brothers forever and seal a pact to kill their fathers – the only sure way they can see of saving Joe’s sister and Sean’s mum from certain death.

It is a childish pledge but in years to follow it will come to mean everything. Soon they discover that retribution costs and as a result of their actions Sean and Joe’s lives are set upon a path strewn with tragedy and loss. Along the way they will find success, power and love but they too will come at a price. Spanning thirty years, Bad Blood encompasses the violence of gangland London, the glamorous scandals of Hollywood and the debauched excesses of Las Vegas.


World On Fire: Bad Blood Part II

The Past Never Stays Buried Forever

Ten years after the dramatic events of ‘Bad Blood’, Joe Cassidy and Sean Reilly, living a peaceful life in exile, believe themselves to be free of the brutal vendetta that so tragically blighted their earlier years.

Yet back in London their secret whereabouts have been revealed and the highly valued information seized by Bass Stone; a vicious thug with a self-serving agenda.

With Stone forming an uneasy alliance with the hot-headed son of Joe and Sean’s former nemesis, the vendetta is explosively reignited in a wave of blood and fury that brings their idyllic existence crashing down around them.

Suddenly thrown back into the fray, they find themselves being systematically hunted by a group of murderous mobsters, their lives and those of everyone they know, brutally torn apart in a merciless backlash of retribution.

Yet Joe and Sean are no longer alone; their sons and daughters have grown strong and their allies have become powerful and only by standing together can they hope to defeat the threat from their past.

Delivering action and thrills in equal measure, World On Fire is a gripping, high-octane finale to an epic story which is sure to be remembered long after the last page.


Finders Keepers

One Good Man, One Very Bad Decision

Jake Sawyer has lost everything. His wife has left him for another and taken their two young children with her; his business is in ruins and he is sinking under the weight of serious debt.

Unable to cope any longer with the crippling strain of his life, Jake is at breaking point and ready to end it all. But as he prepares to jump from a bridge into oblivion, his fortunes suddenly change. A car crashes right beside him killing the driver instantly – but in the wreck Jake finds a case full of priceless diamonds. Immediately seeing salvation and temporarily abandoning his sanity, he takes the case and escapes to Europe without barely considering the consequences of what he has done. However, this reckless and ill conceived plan sparks a chain of events that sees his life spiralling disastrously out of control.

A worldwide hunt for the diamonds ensues in which Jake has to evade both the police and the vicious mercenaries who are the true owners of the stones. Along the way, he encounters murder, heartache and love in his desperate quest to find redemption, all the while being ceaselessly pursued around the globe.

Finders Keepers is a breathtaking roller-coaster of a read that rattles along at blistering pace.


Dance With The Devil

The Death of a Dream, The Birth of a Nightmare

Maria Liuzzi is a young woman born into a life of privilege; the only daughter of Hollywood mogul Carlo Liuzzi – hugely successful boss of Gold Star Pictures and former mob enforcer.

But Maria commits the ultimate of Hollywood crimes when she becomes pregnant by a young man whom her father deems unworthy.

Insane with anger, Carlo murders Maria’s lover and forcibly separates her from her baby, banishing them both abroad where they are destined to live forever apart.

Yet neither Maria or her young child make it to their respective destinations and what follows is their lifelong struggle to find not only each other but also reap their own brand of justice on the man who caused them to lose so much.

Spanning thirty years and soaked in the violence of action, this epic tale of love and revenge encompasses the golden age of Hollywood, the desperate poverty of Hell’s Kitchen and the glamorous high life of Fifth Avenue to deliver a non-stop thrill ride that will keep you gripped right up until its explosive finale.


Perfect Day

For Justice To Be Served, Only Blood Will Suffice

Sam Beresford is just like any normal university student – bright, fun-loving, with a better than average chance of a glowing future ahead of him.

However, after a seemingly random act of extreme violence the course of his life is dramatically changed forever.

Having been beaten and left for dead in a savage attack that sees his girlfriend raped and brutally murdered, Sam dedicates himself to the relentless pursuit of the six vicious men responsible, believing  violence of action to be the only way to properly avenge the woman he loved.

Yet he does not know that the attack was no act of chance, or that behind it, other more powerful forces are in play. Indeed, Sam is unwittingly entering into a dangerous, high stakes game in which he is merely a pawn.

An outstanding page-turner in the crime genre and once again featuring the dogged detective, Roper Coyle, in what is his first ever case, Perfect Day delivers blood and justice in equal measure.

Stunning in scale and delivering action packed excitement at a break-neck pace, this epic prequel to Kris Lillyman’s highly acclaimed ‘Finders Keepers’ is a gripping revenge thriller which will surely leave you breathless and begging for more.


Jam Tops, The Fonz and The Pursuit of Cool

A Rockin’ Retro Rom Com

It’s 1978 and comic-collecting, TV obsessed, sci-fi geek, Gordy Brewer, dreams of transforming himself from super nerd into super cool.

Being cool is the only sure way he can think of to get bazooka-boobed babe, Pippa Wilson, the object of his desires, to go out with him.

But Pippa’s only got eyes for her ultra trendy, extremely good-looking, git of a boyfriend.

Not one to be put off, Gordy joins forces with music mad Daisy Flynn – his pretty but equally geeky best friend – and using ’The Fonz’ as his guide to ’all things cool’, sets out to win Pippa’s affections.

However, Gordy’s road through this riotous, retro rom com is perilous with potholes and from disco disasters to holidays from hell he soon learns that true love comes in all shapes and sizes – not just in a ‘D’ cup.

This nostalgic geek romance is a fun-filled romp through the fashion fails, scare cuts and growing pains of small town life in the 70s and 80s proves that nerds can be cool after all!