Children’s Books

Kevin's Dad RGB

Kevin’s Dad

The World’s Most Unlikely Super Hero!

Kevin’s so proud but doesn’t want anyone to know, that his dad is really a super hero!

Jimmy Getz and His Fabulous Pets

All Creatures Great and Small – This Boy Has Got Them All!

Jimmy’s got a poodle, a bulldog and a golden retriever, plus a badger, a fox and a Canadian beaver.

He’s also got a rabbit, a gerbil and a hare, as well as several cats – but it doesn’t stop there…

The Thingamajig

The Strangest Creature You’ve Never Seen!

If you were to describe the Thingamajig, you’d say he’s a bit like a Whatsit but not as big.

Sort of a Watchamacallit but not as scary, or an Oojamaflip – but not as HAIRY!

Confused Cow RGB
The Confused Cow

She Really Is Such A Silly Moo!

As the only cow on the farm Celeste could be excused, for not knowing what she was and being confused!

She could be a chicken, or a dog – or a sheep of course. Perhaps she was a pig – or maybe even a horse!

The Beach Bear

A Big Bear-Sized Adventure!

Doug the Polar Bear wasn’t born to be North Poled, as he didn’t like ice and just hated the cold.

He thought his life would be much more pleasing, somewhere nice and warm – and a lot less FREEZING!

The Aliens At Number 23

They’re An Out Of This World Family!

When they discovered aliens had moved in next door, the neighbours nearly fell through the floor.

They really didn’t need very much persuasion, that there was going to be an all out alien invasion!

The Water Dragon

He’s Just A Little Squirt!

Dave couldn’t do what all dragons oughta, because whilst they breathed fire, he squirted water!

The Orang Who Tangoed

The Toe-Tapping Tale Of A Tango-tastic Ape!

You should really see Big Des go, when he’s dancing to the orang-u-tango!

It’s his own special version of the Argentine dance, performed in New York, London and Paris, France!

Time Machine Cover RGB
The Time Machine

Hop On Board To Visit History In The Making!

It was in time-travel that Jasper Johnson was really keen, so he converted his wardrobe into a time machine!

This amazing invention was his pride and joy, but was only just big enough to fit one small boy.

Roger The Rejected Reindeer

A Tall Tale About A Short Reindeer!

Roger dreamt of one day pulling Santa’s sleigh, but with him being so short there was simply no way.

To make himself taller he had done all he could, but whatever he tried it just did no good!

Brendan Cover RGB
Brendan Saves Christmas

Oh, No! Santa’s Lost in the Snow!

It was nearly midnight on Christmas Eve, when Brendan saw something that few would believe.

He couldn’t sleep, even though he’d tried and tried, when he heard the jingling of bells coming from outside!

Twelve Months RGB
The Twelve Months of Christmas

A Whole Year With Santa!

On Christmas Eve Santa and Rudy are full of good cheer – but what do they do for the rest of the year?

Snuggle in and gather round, every one, for a whole lot of laughter and seasonal fun!

Boris The Bold

A Christmas Story That’s Never Been Told!

Boris the reindeer was meek and mild, yet in his dreams he was brave and wild.

But whenever there was danger about, you could certainly count poor Boris out!

Gruesome Gap Cover Square RGB
The Ghosts of Gruesome Gap

A spooky tale of folks long departed, that’s not for the faint or feeble-hearted.

Gruesome Gap is a haunted place full of fear and woe, heed these tales of spookiness and be sure you never go.

But if you must then please take care, as many a poor soul has met their end there!

It’s eerie and creepy especially when dark, no birds go cheep there and no dogs bark.

It’s empty and spooky and as quiet as the grave, haunted by the spirits of the foolish and brave.

To stay away is our best advice, or take a risk of paying the ultimate price.