World On Fire (8)

The night had certainly not gone as planned but all things considered, it had not turned out too badly at all for Bass Stone.

He studied the carnage around him. Big Jack, Alfie, the girl. There was also the six they’d left dead at The Galaxy Club, too.

A busy and bloody night. But Stone had survived. He smiled at his good fortune and wandered casually over to where the piece of paper lay face down on the floor. Jack had let go of it as the shotgun blast tore through him.

Bass paused only briefly to glance over to where Big Jack’s body had fallen; his mentor and the closest thing to a father he had ever known, but he felt nothing except maybe a slight buzz of exhilaration. With Jack out of the picture, no one could stand in Stone’s way.

Bass bent and picked up the scrap of paper but before he had the chance to look at it he heard a slight murmur. He turned to the sound and saw that it was coming from the girl.

Miraculously Violet was still alive.

She lifted her head wearily, blood pumping from the bullet wound high in her chest. She coughed and spat the balled up rag from her mouth as her eyes met Stone’s.

“I’ll kill you, you bastard,” she whispered weakly. “I swear it, if it’s the last thing I do. I’ll kill you.”

Stone smiled. What was it with these Noakes’? They were certainly a tough breed. Her brother took a tremendous amount of punishment before Bass finally shot him out of pure frustration. Alfie, too. Eighty odd years old and he still stood after taking four bullets to the chest. Incredible.

And now Violet, seemingly back from the dead. Bass was growing weary of killing this family. He’d thought two was enough for one night but apparently not.

“You’re gonna kill me – is that right?” He said to Violet, his voice incredulous. “Well, maybe you could have if you’d just played dead and kept your pretty mouth shut for a while longer. Hell, you’d have had a pretty good chance, too, cos I’d have never known Jack hadn’t killed you. But now, Princess, I do. And what is it they say? Forewarned is forearmed – ain’t that right?”

Stone raised the semi-automatic and aimed it directly between Violet’s breasts. “Silly, silly girl,” he said.

And then he fired.

Violet’s body flipped backwards in the chair, her hands and feet still bound to it as both she and it slammed down onto the floor, the chair smashing as it collided heavily with the ground.

“Yep. Silly girl,” Bass said again as he turned and headed for the door.

As he reached it, he turned the scrap of paper over and read the name and address that was written on it.

The address was a place somewhere he had never heard of, and the name was not the one he had expected. But clearly Jack had thought it significant, so it was a good enough place to start.

The name written on the paper read, Michael.

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