Finders Keepers (60)

So here we are, the sixtieth and final excerpt of ‘Finders Keepers.’ To all those who have read it, thank you very much and if you would like to continue then please download it here.

From tomorrow, I will be posting excerpts from my third novel, ‘Dance With The Devil,’ which is a sweeping Hollywood epic, full of action and adventure.

Please keep reading my blog and feel free to like, share and spread the word as every little helps.

In the meantime, as promised, here is the last instalment of ‘Finders Keepers’ – however, please be warned as this particular excerpt is somewhat harrowing so proceed with caution.

Thanks for reading!

Finders Keepers (60) 

Arthur span round to see Poppy standing there in her Barbie nightie, holding a teddy bear, almost as big as herself, by the arm. Next to her, in his Buzz Lightyear pyjamas stood her brother Zack.

Both looked confused by the scene that lay before them but it was not until Arthur turned to face them that they were able to see Richard Maddox and the blood streaming from the horrific gouges in his shoulders. They were also able to see Arthur in all his murderous glory; balaclava, skinning knife, a huge pistol holstered under his arm and a long, evil looking machete poised to castrate their step-father. If Freddy Kruger had a brother it was Arthur Khan, covered in blood and looking scarier than any nightmare they had experienced in their short lives.

Angie turned awkwardly, bound to the chair by duct tape, her eyes full of tears and terror. “Don’t hurt them,” she squealed at Khan, “Please don’t hurt them!”

As she said it Poppy started to scream, a long, piercing unrelenting sound. Then Zack started too.

“Shut up!” Arthur barked. “Shut up that noise!”

Scared out of her wits, Poppy dropped her teddy bear and fled back up the cellar steps, screaming hysterically as she went.

Arthur dropped the machete and pulled out the shiny Desert Eagle and fired. The shot hit the wall just to the side of Poppy, blasting away a large chunk of breeze block. She squealed but carried on going, the sound of her mother’s pleading in the background as she begged Arthur Khan to let her children live.

Poppy had nearly made it to the cellar door as Arthur took aim but as he fired Zack flung himself in the way to protect his little sister.

The boy did not stand a chance as he flew backwards onto the cold stone steps, his head exploding like a ripe melon.

Arthur did not skip a beat as he raced over to the stairs, leaping over the dead child’s body in pursuit of the girl who had now made it through the cellar door and was running, terrified, through the kitchen.

Angie Sawyer was manic as she wailed from the basement, deep, harrowing sobs as she fought to be free of the chair, wrestling to be near her son and willing her young daughter to freedom. But then, momentarily silencing her screams there was another loud shot from upstairs. A minute or so passed as Angie prayed – prayed that their attacker had missed and that little Poppy had escaped.

But then her whole world collapsed as Khan re-appeared at the top of the cellar stairs with a small body flung over one shoulder, dressed in a bloody Barbie nightdress.

Arthur placed Poppy’s body down gently on the settee, with the wound in her back facing away from Angie who was now almost paralysed with grief. Unable to speak, move or even think clearly. Her children were dead and she had been powerless to protect them.

Khan knew that it was over. The sound of the gunshots would travel in the silence of the dawn. Trouble would no doubt soon be on its way.

He holstered the Magnum and picked up the machete. Time to end it.

He wandered over to Maddox who had long since passed out from pain and blood loss. His head hung limply and Arthur raised the machete and finished him.

He then walked back to Angie. “You didn’t know anything after all, did you?” He said.

Angie raised her face to him, but she had no words, only sorrow and pain and loss. Arthur raised the machete again. “Sorry,” he said, then swung it sharply downwards, sending her to meet her children in a safer place.

Download the complete novel here


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