Finders Keepers (58)

In the cellar, Arthur slipped off his backpack and told Maddox to sit in one of the dining chairs. He then told Angie to open the backpack and take out a thick roll of duct tape. “Tape him to the chair,” he said to her, “and make a good job of it because I’ll be watching.”

“Please, don’t hurt us.” She said again.

“Look, I’ve got money – you can have it,” Maddox begged, “All of it – I promise – but please don’t–”

“Shut up!” Khan snapped. “I don’t want your money. I don’t care about it.” He then turned to Angie, “Now tape him up, before I kill him.”

Angie hurried to Richard and did as she was told. Both of them were crying. Maddox seemed to have aged dramatically in just a few minutes, the terror etched on his face as Angie wound the tape around his wrists and ankles.

“Silence him, too.” Khan instructed. “I don’t want to hear another word out of him.”

Angie looked apologetically into Richard’s eyes as she fastened a thick sheet of tape over her lover’s mouth. “I’m so sorry,” she whispered.

When she had finished, she turned to face Khan, standing awkwardly as she tried in vain to cover her nakedness.

“Come here, now.” Khan said sharply and she forced herself forward. “Put your hands behind your back and turn round,” he said when she reached him. She did as instructed and Arthur admired her firm backside as he took the tape from her and bound her wrists.

Placing his mouth next to her ear he whispered, “Where’s your husband?”

“What?” Angie said with surprise.

“Where’s your husband?” he asked again.

“I don’t have a husband,” she said, “I mean we’re separated, not together. Richard and me are—”

“I know all that,” Khan growled. “I know you’re separated. But I want to know where your husband is – understand?”

“Yes, yes – I understand,” said Angie, “But he’s not here – he doesn’t live here. This is Richard’s house.”

Arthur holstered his gun then grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back, his lips, through the balaclava now on her ear as he spoke, “Stop being stupid and listen to me. Now where, in the world, is your husband?”

Suddenly the penny dropped and Angie at last realised what this was all about. “I don’t know where Jake is – I already told the police—”

“Don’t lie to me, Angela. So far, no one’s been hurt – I can soon change that!”

Arthur felt a surprising rush of excitement as he pressed himself against her; the thrill quite unexpected and a development he had certainly not anticipated.

In Africa he had tortured and raped many women but never a white woman. Never a woman such as this. But now he was here and she was in front of him, nude, desirable and helpless. He could feel a demon taking him over, just as it had many times before in the heat of battle and in the spoils of victory.

“I’m not lying. I promise,” Angie cried.

“No?” Arthur sneered, “Well we’ll soon see.” With that, he dragged her backwards, behind the settee and forced her to bend over it, so  that her round backside was mooning up at him. With her wrists taped behind her she was powerless to resist him. “Will you tell me now?” He asked, kicking her legs apart.

“Please,” Angie was sobbing, “I don’t know. I don’t. Please don’t do this. Please let me go.”

Richard Maddox was grunting madly with the tape over his mouth, writhing about in the chair trying desperately to free himself and stop what he knew was about to happen, unable to avert his eyes from the horror unfolding before them.

“Oh, I think you know, Angela. I think you know only too well and you will tell me,” Khan said, the madness taking over.

Angie screamed with despair as he tugged down his flies and forced himself upon her, tears running in rivers from her eyes, “Stop, please – please don’t do this!” She sobbed.

But Khan ignored her pleas, unable to stop himself as he sought to quench his evil lust, one hand fastened on her hair the other still gripping the knife. “You will tell me what you know, woman,” he growled thickly, “by the end of this night you’ll be begging to tell me. I promise.”

By now the red mist had descended over Arthur’s eyes and he could no longer hear Angie’s cries or the sound of Maddox weeping as he watched, helplessly from just a few feet away.

Continues tomorrow or download the complete novel here


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