Finders Keepers (57)

Chapter Twenty-One 

Arthur pushed the point of the skinning knife firmly under Maddox’s chin, drawing blood, whilst simultaneously clamping a hand over Angie Sawyer’s mouth causing both to wake with a tremendous shock. Their eyes flew wide, with Maddox clearly in pain, as they each stared into the masked face of Arthur Khan.

“Make a sound, either of you and you die,” Khan hissed.

Angie made to scream but Arthur pushed the knife a little harder into Maddox’s throat, causing him to whimper, his head forced backwards in a futile attempt to escape the pain.

“Ah, ah, ah.” Arthur cautioned Angie, gesturing with his head to Richard. “Think about him. Think about your kids.”

Angie’s eyes filled with tears and nodded her compliance.

“I’m going to take my hand away,” he said. “Now no sudden moves, no screaming and you’ll both make it through the rest of this night alive. Understand?”

Angie nodded again. Richard tried to but the point of the knife prevented it.

“Good,” said Khan, releasing his grip on Angie and pulling the knife away from Maddox. “Now get up. We’re going down to the cellar – but quietly does it, you don’t want to wake up those two beautiful children of yours.”

Angie was weeping and shaking like a leaf but slowly got out of bed. She tried to cover her nakedness with one hand whilst reaching for her robe which lay on a chair beside the bed.

Arthur pulled the Magnum from its holster and pointed it at her. “No clothes,” he said. “Let’s have you just as God intended.”

He gestured to Maddox, “You, too, lover boy. Quickly now, we haven’t got all night.” Khan then smiled. “Well, actually we have, but no sense in wasting time, eh?”

Richard Maddox looked terrified. Tears running down his face and a smear of blood under his chin where the knife had nicked him. He climbed out of the bed, also naked, and Khan glanced at his flabby body and smiled. “You know, what, Angela?” he said, “He might have money but he hasn’t got a whole lot else, has he? I think you’ve sold yourself a little short, my darling.”

“Please, don’t hurt us,” Angie pleaded, her voice a whisper. “Please don’t hurt my children – I’ll give you anything but please, don’t hurt them.”

“Oh, you’ll give me what I need, alright,” Arthur replied, casting an eye over her shapely figure. “But I’ve got no interest in hurting children – although I will if you don’t get moving. So move. Get down to that cellar and not another sound.”

Quickly but quietly, Angie and Richard led the way to the cellar, their white bodies almost glowing in the moonlight as they crossed the landing and hurried down the stairs with Khan behind them, skinning knife in one hand his Magnum in the other.

Moments later, Angie and Richard were rushing down the cellar stairs, their bare feet slapping on the cold concrete steps. Arthur closed the door before following them down, blocking any sound that may shortly emanate from the basement room.

There was no sense in waking the whole household unless absolutely necessary.

Continues tomorrow or download the complete novel here


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