Finders Keepers (56)

Angie Sawyer and her lover, Richard Maddox were spooning. It was sweet, really, but Arthur could not help but think how irritated he would be by it. Why did women always insist on cuddling in bed? Why could they not just stay on their own side and sleep in their own designated space? But Maddox was still probably trying to impress, trying to make a good show of it. He had even fallen asleep with his arms draped around her waist, still in mid-cuddle. Give him a year, Arthur thought, things would be different then.

The woman was snoring slightly. Her breathing heavy and contented. But she was a looker. A stunner, Arthur imagined, with her hair done and make-up on. Good figure too from what he could see at least. Maddox was not up to much though. Balding, skinny. A safety net, Arthur surmised, probably with a bit of money and no financial worries, unlike the missing husband.

Thinking of whom, it was time to wake the happy couple to find out exactly where the errant Mr. Sawyer was.

Arthur silently withdrew the skinning knife from its sheath, the wide stainless steel blade shining murderously in the moonlight, the edge sharp enough to slice through a hair at the merest touch. Then he bent over the bed. It was time to get started.

Continues tomorrow or download the complete novel here


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