Finders Keepers (52)

Chapter Eighteen 

Roper decided that he should visit Angie Sawyer in person, to see if she could think of anything, no matter how seemingly insignificant, that could help him find her missing husband. So he and Eckhart drove down to Northamptonshire to meet with her.

Angie Sawyer was a very attractive woman in her early thirties with long dark hair, deep brown eyes and a good figure that was disguised by a baggy jumper and comfy jeans. Her new partner, Richard Maddox sat next to her with a protective arm around her shoulders. As a couple they looked somehow mismatched as Maddox was not a particularly attractive man, blonde but balding, lanky but with a slight pot-belly. However, judging by the house and the Jag parked in the driveway he was clearly successful and obviously quite wealthy. Knowing a little about Mrs Sawyer and her estranged husband’s previous circumstances Coyle guessed that the money was probably the attraction.

Roper spent some time with Mrs Sawyer asking her about her husband, about his work, his life, his financial situation, anything to see if she could shed any light on why his rented BMW had been found abandoned in France and why he had gone missing. But she could not. Except to say that Jake was under enormous pressure and suffering from severe stress and possibly clinical depression.

However, what she did say had happened since they had last spoken, was that all her and Jake’s debts had been paid in full and two payments of £2,000 had been deposited into her bank account from an unknown benefactor, once several weeks ago and once more just yesterday.

Again, Coyle was astonished. The money, it seemed, had been wired into Angie’s account from an untraceable source. Why and by whom? Coyle had a good idea as to the whom but as to the why or, more importantly, the how, remained a mystery.

Once again Roper’s thoughts came back to the diamond found at the scene of Charles Khan’s accident and the certainty that it, or possibly others like it, were the key to this case.

Again Sumpter reported his findings to Bearing and Khan and this time was left in no doubt of Arthur’s impatience. Particularly when he revealed what he had just learned through Coyle’s computer, of Angie and Jake Sawyer’s debts being paid by a mysterious benefactor.

Sumpter had felt uneasy about revealing this information but Khan was pushing. He wanted results and Aaron felt that he had to placate him. He now wished he had not as Arthur Khan was likely to take matters into his own hands, which could possibly put the investigation back months.

Continues tomorrow or download the complete novel here


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