Finders Keepers (3)

Bearing’s house was magnificent, built two centuries earlier in over three hundred acres of beautiful Berkshire countryside. Its landscaped gardens and lakes were breathtaking with a mile long driveway that meandered its way through the estate from the gated entrance to the grand eighteenth century residence that stood regally at its end. On the outside the house was very much of its period, rich and exquisitely ornate, but on the inside it was a hi-tech, ultra modern palace with every luxury money could buy.

Indeed, no expense had been spared in making it the perfect advert for success, power and wealth that Bearing intended it to be.

The house had become Peter’s after his father, Teddy, passed away seven years earlier. Back then, the place had been just another drab stately pile; an antique-filled throwback to the Georgian era it was built in. But, as soon as Teddy’s funeral was over with, Peter brought in an architect who gutted and completely redesigned the place. The future was what Peter was concerned with, not the past.

But the house was not Peter’s home. He actually lived in a fabulous townhouse in Mayfair that overlooked Hyde Park, with his young, soon to be ex-wife and their three pampered children who very rarely visited the house in Berkshire. Although most of the time Peter, himself, stayed a short distance away at his spectacular apartment in The City, either on his own or with one of a stream of mistresses.

The Berkshire house was primarily reserved for events, such as hunting, shooting and fishing weekends. It was where he entertained business associates, corporate fat cats and visiting leaders from various foreign states who could indulge themselves to their hearts content.

Peter’s Palace, as the house had become known was a discreet place to play and Bearing laid everything on that his guests could ever need. It was not just the facilities or the fabulous food and drink that was on offer but also women, or men too, if that was their preference – in fact whatever they desired.

But this particular weekend was for just one business associate by the name of Jonathan Wallace. Wallace had become a supremely irritating hurdle that stood in the way of Peter’s meteoric rise to power and it was now time to rid himself of that obstruction.

The party guests had been chosen purposely to complement Jonathan; there were none who would outshine him and none he would feel inferior to.

What is more, the girls hired for the occasion had been hand picked by Peter to cater to Wallace’s specific tastes.

Indeed, one in particular, who Bearing knew Jonathan could not resist, had been primed and paid to deliver exactly what was required.

Jonathan Wallace, of course, was completely ignorant to any of this. He just assumed he had been invited for a fun couple of days; a few drinks, some good company and a little party to end the weekend on a high before heading back to The City on Monday.

But he could not have been more wrong.

Continues tomorrow or download the complete novel here


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