Bad Blood (60)

So here we are, the sixtieth and final excerpt of ‘Bad Blood.’ To all those who have read it, thank you very much and if you would like to continue reading it then please download it here.

From tomorrow, I will be posting excerpts from my second novel, ‘Finders Keepers,’ which is a fast-paced, action-packed thriller.

Please keep reading my blog and feel free to like, share and spread the word as every little helps.

In the meantime, as promised, here’s the last instalment of ‘Bad Blood.’ Enjoy!

Bad Blood (60)

Two months away and my father had chosen that precise moment to come home; a moment, I would find out in months to come, which was more than just a cruel coincidence.

“Where are ya then, you fuckin’ whore,” his brutish voice yelled out. “Think you can leave me do ya? Well you’ve got another thing comin’ my girl – nobody leaves George Reilly – nobody, understand?”

My father was in a foul rage; one which my mother knew from bitter experience would leave her either hospitalised or dead. Ivy knew it too and was determined to protect her friend. She tentatively opened the kitchen door from the living room and walked bravely in.

“Now George, please calm down, Rita is coming with me—” Ivy began.
“Shut your fuckin’ interferin’ face you old cow and get out of my bleedin’ house.”

“I.. I… I’m sorry George, but I won’t—” Ivy continued defiantly.

“Yes you bloody well will, you nosy witch,” George shouted, and slapped Ivy hard around the face with the back of his hand sending her lurching backward over the kitchen table.

“Get out!” My father shouted once more, showing her his hand for a second time, threatening to hit her again. But even though Ivy was stunned by the blow, she somehow managed to remain calm and clear headed. Seeing her opportunity, she swiftly ducked under my father’s raised up arm and darted towards the door.

“Hang on Rita!” She shouted, “I’m going for help.” Then she directed her gaze at the big man bearing down on her and hissed, “And you, you evil bastard, can rot in hell!”

With that, Ivy ran from the kitchen, down the hall and out through the open front door into the street.

To continue reading this novel please download it here and catch the first instalment of my second novel, ‘Finders Keepers,’ on my Daily book Blog tomorrow.


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