Bad Blood (56)

Each day, Joe, Sarah and Dog Tooth would visit. At first, Sarah had been inconsolable, convinced that I was going to die – probably due to Joe’s elaborate distortion of the facts. Finally, I made her ask the doctor, who explained that I was going to be fine, which caused her, rather touchingly to cry with joy. To my eternal shame, I found this emotional response very gratifying – she obviously felt as deeply about me as I did her.

Sarah would stay with me in the evenings whilst Tooth and Joe would turn up at different times throughout the day – whenever work allowed. Alfie also visited twice, the first time bringing with him a basket of fruit that his wife had prepared.

On the day before my release, Joe was with me when the doctor came rushing into the room. He started making a fuss around me, plumping up my pillows and straightening the bed clothes. “What’s going on Doc?” I asked, “It’s only Joe, not royalty.” The doctor’s response left Joe and me stunned.

“Mr. Reece is downstairs, and he wants to see you.”

Continues tomorrow or download the complete novel here


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