Bad Blood (54)

Meanwhile, in the house and out in the street it had all kicked off. Dog Tooth was fighting with two men, Joe had already taken two others out and was in the process of disposing of a third, whilst the other four of our lot seemed to be fairing well enough against a pretty good opposition.

I was having a little trouble with the big bastard on me, but a couple of well timed kidney punches and a knee to his groin were starting to take effect. As he finally dropped to the floor, I heard Joe shout, “Alfie, look out!”

Alfie had stepped out of the bedroom straight into the fray and unwittingly into the sights of a man aiming a murderous looking dagger directly at him. Seeing the danger, Joe launched himself into a flying dive, landing on the man and knocking him to the floor just a fraction too late to prevent him from throwing the knife.

As if in slow motion, I saw the knife leave the man’s hand and watched in horror as it flew through the air toward its unsuspecting target. Without thinking, I hurled myself in front of Alfie, thrusting him back into the bedroom and forcing him off his feet.

I landed hard on the cheap stained carpet, hitting my head on Alfie’s knee as we crashed to the ground, momentarily knocking myself out. I awoke after a minute or two, dazed by the blow, with my vision a little starry and it took a few seconds for me to recover. But slowly, as my eyes cleared, I saw that we had won. Those of Vic’s men who were not lying prostrate on the ground had fled; our boys giving half-hearted chase.

I looked behind me, into the bedroom and saw Alfie sitting up on the floor. He was looking at me with a grave expression on his face, Joe too, who had come to my side, was also looking concerned.

“Help me up Joe,” I said, “I can’t lie around here all night.” But as I moved, I felt an excruciating pain in my side and looked down to see what had been troubling Alfie and Joe. The stiletto blade of the knife had buried itself up to the hilt between the middle two ribs on my left side and a slow trickle of blood was seeping from the wound, staining my white shirt bright red.

“Oh shit,” I said quietly, suddenly feeling woozy. I attempted to sit up, but as soon as I did so, I promptly passed out.

Continues tomorrow or download the complete novel here


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