Bad Blood (51)

As we got out of the cars and marched up to the entrance, the two doormen automatically stepped closer to each other, attempting to block our way. They had obviously been primed to expect trouble, and looked the sort that could handle it. However, they had not been warned about Dog Tooth.

Tooth just wandered up to them and quick as a flash, before they had time to react, banged their thick heads together with a sound similar to that of two eggs cracking. As they fell, he grabbed hold of their collars, lifted them off their feet and effortlessly flung them aside. He then smashed open the door and stepped through into Vic’s office-cum-living room, the rest of us following in his wake.

Seated in two shabby sofas were three large men, another two, both with half dressed women on their laps were sitting in arm chairs. Again, none of the men familiar to us. Before the men could stand, Dog Tooth and the rest of the boys flooded into the room and forced them back into their seats, with both the whores being dumped unceremoniously on the floor with their breasts and underwear on full display. Alfie glared at the girls and jerked his thumb in the direction of the stairs. Neither needed any coaxing and made hasty getaways.

Continues tomorrow or download the complete novel here


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