Twas The Blog Before Christmas

As those who have been reading this blog will know, I have been posting an extract from two of my Christmas books every day for the past twelve days to coincide with The Twelve Days of Christmas. Today, though, in this festive bumper blog, I am posting both stories in full.

The Twelve Months of Christmas is fully illustrated and available to buy in hard cover, paperback or digital editions. However, The Twelve Sleighs of Christmas is a previously unpublished story and has not yet been illustrated but it will hopefully supply a few Christmassy laughs on this particularly festive day – especially as Santa will be busily flying around the world tonight!

So please, enjoy these two seasonal stories on me and have a very merry Christmas!

On Christmas Eve Santa and Rudy spread good cheer,
But what do they do for the rest of the year?


In January, Santa and Rudy deserve a good rest,
Because after Christmas they’re both a bit stressed.

They’ll take it easy this month, put their feet up and relax –
And forget about chimneys and bulging toy sacks!


It’s back to work in February to dream up new toys,
To deliver next Christmas to good girls and boys.

They always come up with some magical thoughts,
They’ve got loads of ideas for gifts of all sorts.


March is when they do their Spring cleaning –
They polish the warehouse until it is gleaming.

Santa likes to have lots of tea breaks,
Rudy loses count of how many he takes!


In April it’s time to hire new elves,
Santa and Rudy interview each one themselves.

To work with Santa is every elf’s goal,
To make toys in his factory at the North Pole.


In May Santa and Rudy sort out the route,
But with so many countries it’s a lot to compute!

It’s all very confusing and hard to work out,
But when Christmas Eve comes they can be in no doubt.


June is the time for reindeer revision,
To the one who knows most, a prize is given.

The highest scoring reindeer wins a gold statuette,
Which is the best award a reindeer can get!


In July Santa and Rudy take their Summer vacation,
Which is good enough reason for a small celebration.

They like to build sandcastles and lay in the sun,
To sightsee, go swimming and have lots of fun!


In August Santa’s Christmas training is due to begin,
Because to squeeze down a chimney he has to be slim.

He needs to cut out all the burgers and fries,
And start each day with some light exercise.


By September Santa and Rudy are on Chimney Drill,
As getting down one quickly takes some skill!

Various equipment is given a test,
But it’s the straightforward jump that works best!


October’s the time for the sleigh’s test flight,
Which always takes place on a bright, clear night.

They’ll fly it over Sydney, New York and Rome,
And when the sleigh’s fully tested they’ll finally head home.


It’s November already and Rudy’s rushed off his feet,
The sleigh’s almost packed but it’s not yet complete.

Santa’s busy too, double-checking his list,
As he has to be sure there’s no children he’s missed!


December is finally here at last,
Twelve months have gone by so incredibly fast,

Santa’s now ready for his Christmas Eve flight,
So if you’re very good you might see him tonight!

The End


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