Sleigh Number Twelve…

The Twelve Sleighs of Christmas

This is the story of Santa’s many sleighs,
Some will surprise and others will amaze.

But for fifty years each sleigh should last,
So they’re built to be strong and designed to go fast.

Yet not every sleigh has been that easy to master,
In fact most have been a complete disaster!

Each day you can read about a different one,
And with a bit of luck you might have some fun!

The Twelfth Sleigh…

Santa’s twelfth sleigh is the best of the lot,
It has all of the good things the others had got.

But has none of the faults of the previous eleven,
And as sleighs go, it’s simply just heaven,

Its lines are smooth with no chance of drag,
And there’s plenty of room for Santa’s toy bag.

There’s space for Rudy in the co-pilot’s seat,
And a fridge stuffed with food for them both to eat!

It’s painted a shade of seasonal yellow,
And Santa, when flying it, looks a real jolly fellow.

It has an onboard computer and a Christmas route-finder,
And a lovely smooth ride that could not be kinder.

The skis are red, the rockets are chrome,
And there’s never a problem getting all the way home.

It flies so fast, all through the night,
Up on the rooftops it’s a wonderful sight!

It has a diving platform sticking out at the back,
For Santa to jump down into a chimney stack,

And a fresh set of clothes stored in the boot,
So if he gets covered in soot he can change his suit.

The sleigh has a turbo to make it go faster,
But flying that fast is a fine art to master!

In fact, Santa’s the only one who can fly the thing,
Because when it comes to sleighs he’s really the king!

This is the greatest sleigh Santa’s ever had,
To use it at Christmas makes him really so glad.

It gets serviced every year by his North Pole team,
And to this day it still flies like a dream!


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