Sleigh Number Ten…

The Twelve Sleighs of Christmas

This is the story of Santa’s many sleighs,
Some will surprise and others will amaze.

But for fifty years each sleigh should last,
So they’re built to be strong and designed to go fast.

Yet not every sleigh has been that easy to master,
In fact most have been a complete disaster!

Each day you can read about a different one,
And with a bit of luck you might have some fun!

The Tenth Sleigh…

In a decision that Rudy thought really quite drastic,
Santa’s tenth sleigh was going to be made out of plastic!

The sleigh would be formed in one giant mould,
A move that the reindeers thought impressively bold.

The plastic used was shiny and red,
And to give it some weight they mixed in pieces of lead.

The mixture was poured into the mould hot and runny,
It was really sticky and smelled quite funny!

The sleigh in the mould was then left to cool,
Before being prized out with a specially made tool.

It was then buffed and polished and made to look smart,
And when it was finished it looked the part.

A solid piece of plastic, all red and gleaming,
When Santa first saw it he thought he was dreaming.

The sleigh was so sleek and really streamlined,
With every curve so beautifully defined.

Everyone looked at the sleigh with awe,
All trying to ignore the obvious flaw.

They would have to be careful, everyone knew,
As if it got too hot it would turn into goo!

The sleigh flew through the air leaving no slipstream,
The best one yet, or so it would seem.

It was light and fast and cornered so well,
Santa just loved it, Rudy could tell.

However tragedy struck on its fateful last flight,
As somehow they had left their timings too tight.

They found themselves facing the hot morning sun,
The sleigh began melting and by home, it was done!


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