Sleigh Number Nine…

The Twelve Sleighs of Christmas

This is the story of Santa’s many sleighs,
Some will surprise and others will amaze.

But for fifty years each sleigh should last,
So they’re built to be strong and designed to go fast.

Yet not every sleigh has been that easy to master,
In fact most have been a complete disaster!

Each day you can read about a different one,
And with a bit of luck you might have some fun!

The Ninth Sleigh…

This ninth sleigh was just a skeleton version,
Stripped down to the bones for the seasonal excursion.

Santa wanted something with no fancy stuff,
Although this one really did not have enough!

In a concept that seemed just a little bit random,
Santa and Rudy would ride the sleigh completely in tandem.

They would have to pedal like crazy to get the thing started,
Which was all very well unless one of them farted!

The engine was borrowed from Rudy’s moped,
Which did not have enough power to drive a sled.

It took ages to get the thing into the sky,
The motor wheezing and straining as it gave it a try!

It was fine going downhill and could build up some speed,
But when taking off from a roof it did not succeed.

The reindeers felt embarrassed dragging the thing,
Nothing worked properly – even the bells did not ring.

It rattled and groaned and wobbled in flight,
Drifting through the air like a Christmas kite.

That skeleton sleigh caused so much strife,
As Santa and Rudy clung on for dear life!

So stripped down, the sleigh was terribly cold,
And the freezing night air made Santa feel old.

Rudy, too, felt the draught through his coat,
And on several occasions he got a sore throat!

When the sleigh was finally put out for scrap,
The reindeers and elves could not help but clap.

Santa and Rudy were pleased to see it go,
As on top of everything else, it was useless in snow!


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