Sleigh Number Eight…

The Twelve Sleighs of Christmas

This is the story of Santa’s many sleighs,
Some will surprise and others will amaze.

But for fifty years each sleigh should last,
So they’re built to be strong and designed to go fast.

Yet not every sleigh has been that easy to master,
In fact most have been a complete disaster!

Each day you can read about a different one,
And with a bit of luck you might have some fun!

The Eighth Sleigh…

For Santa’s next brainwave he really excelled,
He was going to build a sleigh that was rocket propelled!
It would launch from a ramp somewhere in Lapland,
An idea the elves thought incredibly grand.

The ramp was enormous and rose up into the sky,
It must have been over a thousand feet high.
The rocket on the sleigh was the size of a truck,
To control all that power Santa would need some luck.

He and Rudy had to wear flame proof suits,
Along with goggles, helmets and emergency chutes.
The reindeers also had to wear special kit,
Because the heat from the rocket could burn quite a bit.

Each reindeer also had to go on a course,
To help them cope with the effects of G-Force.
Because flying at such speed would not be easy,
As it could make them feel dizzy and a little bit queasy!

The course also involved zero gravity training,
But they agreed to it all without complaining.
There was no test they weren’t willing to face,
For the chance of flying that rocket sleigh into space.

The sleigh blasted off in a huge cloud of smoke,
The elves all laughed but it was really no joke!
Up it went, passed the Moon and the stars,
If they hadn’t turned round they’d have landed on Mars!

They delivered presents at the speed of light,
Blasting along through the Christmas Eve night,
But travelling that fast was incredibly hard,
So after fifty flights, the sleigh was finally retired.


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