Sleigh Number Seven…

The Twelve Sleighs of Christmas

This is the story of Santa’s many sleighs,
Some will surprise and others will amaze.

But for fifty years each sleigh should last,
So they’re built to be strong and designed to go fast.

Yet not every sleigh has been that easy to master,
In fact most have been a complete disaster!

Each day you can read about a different one,
And with a bit of luck you might have some fun!

The Seventh Sleigh…

The seventh sleigh was something completely new,
One that gave the reindeers very little to do.

Santa thought they had all earned a good rest,
So to use a robotic sleigh he thought would be best.

He and Rudy would still deliver presents of course,
But the sleigh would be guided by a remote control source.

This was something that the reindeers could control,
From the warmth of their stables back at the Pole.

The sleigh included a complete guidance system,
And photos of the reindeers so Santa wouldn’t miss them!

A huge radio antennae stuck out of the back,
But flying by remote control took some knack!

The reindeers each gave the joystick a try,
But the sleigh soon proved a bit tricky to fly.

They crashed it into many a tree,
And one or two chimneys – possibly three!

At last they got the hang of the thing,
And around the world the sleigh they would fling.

They’d make it loop the loop and do daredevil feats,
Luckily Santa and Rudy were strapped into their seats!

The reindeers began arguing over the controls,
They all wanted to perform new stunts and rolls.

So Santa gave the elves control of the joystick,
As the reindeers tricks were making him feel sick.

Sadly the elves weren’t really up to the job,
One broke off the aerial, another snapped off a knob.

At last the sleigh had to be replaced,
Both reindeers and elves feeling a little disgraced!


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